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  • lower blood glucose

  • better A1c

  • lower cholesterol levels

  • weight loss

  • less diabetes distress

  • better stress management

  • better quality of life


Check out the course curriculum here - DIABETES ADVANTAGE 

Diabetes Advantage

Diabetes Advantage is an online group program for people with Type 2 Diabetes. The course is lead by a registered dietitian and registered psychotherapist (in training) who both have extensive knowledge in managing Diabetes.


During the program you will get

  • 6 x modules with the dietitian  

  • 3 x modules with the psychotherapist (qualifying)

  • Bi-weekly Q & A session with both experts

  • Individual feedback on your diet

  • Access to a multitude of resources and other bonus course offerings 

  • 4 Bonus modules


Both the dietitian and psychotherapist are available either live in the Q & A sessions or via email throughout the course

You can check out the full course breakdown here - DIABETES ADVANTAGE

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